Ping reveal new Glide 2.0 wedges


Ping reveal new 2017 Glide 2.0 wedges.

Ping’s classic Eye wedges launched at a time when blade wedges were all the rage.


Ping reveal new i200 irons

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The original Eye design was very different and reinvented how golfers saw shots around the green and even today 30+ years on they still command a hearty chunk of sentiment from club golfers and top drawer tour players.

Phil Mickelson flicks periodically to his favourite Ping Eye lob wedge to freshen up his short game, but it’s not in Ping’s DNA to rely on the success of yesteryears wedges so they’ve just come up with an allnew Glide 2.0 for 2017.

Now you’re forgiven for thinking what’s changed. Admittedly the 2.0’s look very similar to the original Glide’s, but Ping know their stuff when it comes to wedge performance and they believe their shaping is as good as it gets, so there’s no need to reinvent the wheel.

There’s a 431 stainless head with hydropearl finish so the Glide’s fit perfectly alongside a set of iBlade’s or i200 irons.

The grooves have been reengineered and like the faces are cunningly CNC milled to maximise spin on approaches and shorter shots around the green. A longer grip also makes it easier to grip down the shaft for extra control on tricky approaches into greens.  


Ping Glide 2.0 £130 (s) £140 (g)

Lofts: 46° / 50° / 52° / 54° / 56° / 58° / 60°

Head options: TS – Thin Sole, SS – Standard Sole, WS – Wide Sole, ES – Eye Sole

Shaft: Ping AWT 2.0 Wedge

At a glance tech:

431 stainless steel and hydropearl finish

The same type of steel and finish means you get the same feel and look as the iBlade and i200 irons.

Tour spec grooves 

The grooves are CNC milled and vary in dimensions from the lower to higher lofts so you get maximum grab and grip on the shortest shots and controllable spin on full approaches. Ping reckon the shaping and configuration out performs traditional square grooves.

Additional grooves

2 extra grooves on the higher lofts helps generate additional spin over the previous model. The 50 and 52 lofts have one additional groove to help channel debris away from the ball more effectively.

Fit for sole width

Choose between a Thin, Standard or Wide Sole, to best suit your game and the turf type you most often play from. An Eye Sole option harks back to the original for Eye wedge fans.

New AWT 2.0 shaft 

Ping developed their AWT (Ascending Weight shaft) with Nippon and this is the first wedge specific model. It means you get a consistent weight flow from your irons to wedges to maximise consistency and feel.    

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