Golf Pride reveals Tour Velvet ALIGN


Golf Pride’s popular ALIGN tech is making its debut this spring on the brand’s Tour Velvet grips – the No.1 choice of the world’s best players.

First seen in the flagship MCC and MCC Plus4 grips last year, ALIGN features a raised ridge that extends down the back of the grip for consistent hand placement giving a golfer more clubface awareness throughout the swing, and at impact.

With the introduction of Tour Velvet ALIGN, the pro game’s three most preferred grip models will all be available with ALIGN Technology.

The Tour Velvet is the No.1 grip on all global Tours, with nearly 50% of the field in any event using them.  

“We received incredible feedback from TOUR players and amateurs last year about our MCC ALIGN and MCC Plus4 ALIGN grips, and we even saw a major victory in the first week the technology was put in play on the Champions Tour,” said Jonathan Neal, global head of marketing for Golf Pride Grips. 

“Last year, we had a countless number of players request that we make ALIGN Technology available in other models. While this sounds easy, bringing the product to market required state-of-the-art material development along with innovations in our manufacturing processes to ensure premium performance and quality.

“Our R&D team worked rigorously in the lab to ensure that a player would keep the same feel and texture they have come to love in the Tour Velvet with the added benefit that ALIGN Technology delivers. With the addition of Tour Velvet ALIGN to this incredibly innovative family, we’ve ensured that ALIGN Technology is offered in a diverse range of feel and performance options.”

Our verdict on ALIGN Technology


“If, like me, you are fastidious when it comes to technique, you will be bowled over by Golf Pride’s Align technology and how much it simplifies the whole gripping process. The fact that they are legal on the golf course – unlike those grip training aids you can get – makes them a contender for innovation of the year.

“Until I actually felt the reminder rib in my hand, I didn’t realise how left-hand dominant I was when gripping the club. This might explain why I’ve always suffered with an excessively strong grip, as I would inadvertently let my right hand drift underneath the club. But now that I’ve been fitted with the MCC Plus4 Align grips, I am far more aware about how I am positioning my hands at set-up.

“The rib effectively locks both my fingers into the correct position and stops me gripping too much in the palm of my hands which, judging by the wear patterns on my glove, is something I have also been guilty of. My swing now feels a lot more fluid and my bad shot – a destructive hook – is far less pronounced, too.” Michael Catling