TaylorMade reveal new M5 and M6 irons with SPEED BRIDGE technology


TaylorMade's new M5 and M6 irons feature SPEED BRIDGE technology, a speed pocket and new hybrar polymer dampener for better feel, feedback and sound in a cavity back iron

Following the unveiling of their brand new M5 and M6 drivers, fairways and rescue last week, TaylorMade have now confirmed the rest of the range's line up with the reveal of their M5 and M6 irons.

Packed with new technology, TaylorMade's new M5 and M6 irons aim to challenge the way golfers perceive game improvement irons. 

Typically, cavity back irons lack feel and feedback and sound less appealing than a forged model. So for 2019 TaylorMade made it their mission to target the issue head-on and change golfers perception of game improvement irons forever. To achieve their goal they’ve come up with a brand new idea for their M5 and M6 irons, and it’s called Speed Bridge technology.

What is Speed Bridge technology?

Vibration is widely accepted as being the killer when it comes to modern fast faced cavity back irons. Creating a beam (Speed Bridge), which connects the sole to the top rail, TaylorMade’s engineers tuned down vibration, improving feel and sound, but also raising ball speed and distance too.

TaylorMade say Speed Bridge supports the biggest area of vibration within an iron head so it unifies the whole club. And because it stiffens the perimeter of the iron it forces the top edge to behave like a hinge, catapulting shots off the face 1.5mph faster than the previous M3 and M4.

The new technology doesn’t stop there either. For the first time ever in a game improvement iron there’s a thru-slot Speed Pocket, which means the bottom of the face is completely unattached (the same as the P790 iron), it means the area of most face flex is lower, which coincidentally is right where most shots are hit.

A new hybrar polymer dampener behind the face soaks up 20% more vibration than previous models too, meaning M5 and M6 are some of the best feeling cavity back irons you would have ever hit.       

 The key differences between M5 and M6…

Taking a look at who the iron is aimed at, the key tech involved, the difference in looks and improvements over the previous model, we sum up the key differences between the new M5 and M6 irons from TaylorMade.

TaylorMade M5 irons

RRP: £999 (s) £1,199 (g)
Availability: 4 - PW, AW, SW
Stock shaft: True Temper XP100 (s) Mitsubishi Tensei Orange (g)
7-iron loft: 30°

Aimed at: Golfers wanting forgiveness in a smaller package. Probably low-to-mid-handicap golfers, who want a blend of distance and feel as well as an iron with a clean, compact profile.

taylormade m5 irons

Key Tech: Speed bridge technology connects the sole to the top edge, it improves feel and sound, but also thanks to stiffening up the irons perimeter it delivers more ball speed too. A hybrar polymer dampener behind the face mops up 20% more vibration than the previous model. Speed bridge tech unlocks the ability to use a thru slot speed pocket (like the TaylorMade P790s) in a game improvement iron for the first time, it means more face flex lower in the blade, where most shots are hit.  

Looks: A shorter blade length, with less offset and a more compact head. There’s also a thinner sole with chamfered leading edge to help the head enter and move through the turf cleanly. M5 is also a swingweight heavier than the M6.

Gain’s over the previous model: Lofts are 0.5° stronger than the M3, and TaylorMade say there’s a gain of 1.5mph of ball speed (over the M3,) it’s significant in an iron of this size. Crucially though shots peak out at the same height as M3. TaylorMade reckon you’ll also see gains of 1.5mph over the hollow body P790 iron too.

Clubhouse ammo: It wouldn’t be possible to create a smaller headed iron this forgiving without the tungsten plugs which are positioned in the toe. The extra mass draws the centre of gravity out towards the centre of the face and improves MOI.    

TaylorMade M6 irons

RRP: £849 (s) £999 (g)
Availability: 4 - PW, AW, SW, LW
Stock shaft: KBS Max 85 (s) Fujikura Atmos Orange 7 / 6 / 5 (g)
7-iron loft: 28.5°

Aimed at: Golfers who want extra ball speed, carry distance and forgiveness. And anybody who wants a great sounding and feeling cavity back, game improvement iron. 

taylormade m6 iron

The key tech: All the same speed bridge, hybrar dampener and thru slot speed pocket tech as the M5 but with extra forgiveness. A larger head improves MOI, there’s more hosel offset and a 360° fluted hosel mean every last gram is positioned to increase launch angle and ball speed. Off centre inverted cone technology behind the face maximises sweet spot size and promotes straighter shots.

Looks: Bigger all-round than the M5. A moderate top edge width and medium sole thickness improve forgiveness on off centre hits. Very much a confidence inspiring, easy launch game improvement model.     

Gain’s over the previous model: TaylorMade say by replacing the M4s RIBCOR tech with Speed bridge, a larger area of the face is unsupported, meaning a larger hotter area from toe – heel than the M4. Expect a gain of 1.5mph of ball speed over the M4.

Clubhouse ammo: Thanks to the strengthening that TaylorMade’s new speed bridge tech brings to the party, 10g of weight is saved from inside the M6s undercut top edge. It along with weight savings from using a cut thru speed pocket are repositioned to generate ball speed and a strong penetrating ball flight.