First Look: Mizuno’s new CLK Hybrid


Mizuno’s new adjustable CLK hybrid has a new, stronger maraging steel face and five loft options

◆ RRP: £219
◆ Available: February 2020

Mizuno say their new CLK Hybrid has been designed to offer golfers a versatile, high-performing connection between irons and fairway woods. 

Ideal for transitioning from your longest iron to most lofted fairway wood, the CLK will be available with a selection of 5 lofts, each adjustable by 4 degrees.

The CLK Hybrid features a new MAS1C Maraging steel face that facilitates greater energy transfer and faster ball speeds from across the clubface. New dual WAVE sole technology and a wider profile encourage a higher flight and steeper landing angles, allowing you to attack tighter pins.

In addition, a wide, flat crown boosts confidence at address, encouraging a more positive swing, while a collection of structural refinements help deliver a more tour-preferred, solid sound at impact.

“Utilizing stronger Maraging steel, we are able to have a thinner face and a more aggressive, flexible WAVE sole, providing faster and more consistent ball speed across the face,” said David Llewellyn, Director of R&D at Mizuno.

The New CLK hybrids are available in four RH models (#2/16°, #3/19°, #4/22°, #5/25°) with the eight-way adjustable hosel allowing for up to 32 loft (+/- 2 degrees) and lie set-up options to help optimizing ball flight and address position.

There are also two LH CLK models (#3, #4).

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