Is this the secret to Collin Morikawa’s success?


The Theragun massage gun by Therabody is one of the must-have accessories on tour.

The Theragun might not be a golf gadget per se, but it has built up quite the fan club among tour pros to help treat the kind of niggles you might experience from hitting hundreds of golf balls in a day. 

Open champion Collin Morikawa swears by it, according to the brand, and uses it as a form of ‘smart percussive massage therapy’ to relieve tension and improve range of motion and recovery.

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The blurb certainly sounds good, but is it actually effective? To find out, we’ve been using it since the spring after a recommendation from Me and My Golf and it might just be the most impressive gadget we’ve tested this year. 

Open champion Collin Morikawa uses the Therabody massage gun.

You can pick from a choice of four different models and while they all look a bit like a power tool, they are surprisingly simple to use. Each massage gun comes in a nifty carry case and the triangular handle design means you can get into those hard-to-reach spots without almost dislocating a body part. 

One button on the top of the device is used to switch it on and off and control the vibrations, which are refreshingly quiet and can be set at speeds ranging from 1750 to 2400 percussions per minute. 

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A couple of the extra attachments with the Theragun Pro can feel a little rough in the hands of a newbie but with the help of the free Therabody app, you can get real-time feedback on the pressure being applied so you don’t overdo it. 

The step-by-step guides are particularly useful in following a golf-specific warm up or recovery, and treating common ailments such as sciatica, carpal tunnel and golfer’s elbow.

The Therabody G4 massage gun.

The only thing which might put you off is the price, which ranges from £175 to £549. It’s a hard sell, especially if you’re the type of golfer who just gets on with things. 

But if you do find yourself nursing aches or pains on a regular basis, it might be worth your while playing the role of physio or masseur wherever you are. It will almost certainly be quicker than waiting for a doctor’s appointment.

“I use Theragun religiously. In the locker room I have the PRO and on the golf course I bring the Theragun Mini with me,” Open champion Collin Morikawa said. “I love using the Theragun Mini because I can take it anywhere and use it at any time — even during a tournament.”

The Theragun Pro costs £549 with the Elite at £375, the Prime at £275 and the Mini costing £175. Find out more about the range and buy yours here.

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