Ultimate adjustability and ball speed from new Mizuno ST-G 220 driver


New Mizuno ST-G 220 driver is designed to deliver the ultimate in adjustability and maximum ball speed.

Mizuno drivers have come on leaps and bounds in the last few years with the Japanese brand producing some of the fastest, longest and best-sounding drivers on the market.

However, when they revealed the fast and forgiving ST-Z and draw-biased ST-X drivers at the start of the year there was a notable absence of their usual highly-adjustable, better player third model.

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The new Mizuno ST-G 220 driver is aimed at better players.

Nine months on, the ST-G 220 is that third model, targeting better players and building on the success of the ST-Z and ST-X.

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It has a new multi-thickness face design which has been optimised to create extra ball speed when shots are hit low on the face. The SAT2041 (super, alloy, titanium) face mixes titanium with vanadium, aluminium and tin, and Mizuno say their blend offers 17% more tensile strength and 8% more flexibility over traditional 6-4Ti driver faces to help deliver fast ball speeds and a dense, satisfying sensation at impact.

The new multi-thickness face of the Mizuno ST-G 220 driver.

But it’s the unparalleled adjustability that really grabs our attention. Shorter lateral weight tracks allow for a new centre/back weight port, while the combination of three tracks and two moveable weights allows the ST-G to transform from an ultra-low spinning bomber to a highly playable mid-spinning option, with fade or draw bias in both.

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“Having that little bit of extra adjustability is especially useful out on tour – where we can fine-tune a player’s flight.  Or make an adjustment for a particular tournament when the player doesn’t want the feel of a completely new driver,” says Mizuno’s Chris Voshall.

The Mizuno ST-G 220 driver has a modern player's profile, with the deeper face and shorter back to front design making full use of the 460cc head.

The evolution to the ST-G 220’s weight locations offers a rare combination of both backspin and fade/draw adjustability options. Traditionally, adjustable drivers have been more effective at just one of those tasks. Miozuno say the ST-G 220 delivers impressive performance from off-centre strikes, with consistent feedback across the varying weight positions.

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The Mizuno ST-G 220 driver provides the ultimate adjustability.

The ST-G 220 has a modern player’s profile, with the deeper face and shorter back to front design making full use of the 460cc head. It is only available in 9º but four degrees of adjustability (7º-11º) allows you to fine tune the look and trajectory. There’s also an ‘Optimized Wave Sole’ which further helps increase balls speeds from low face strikes.

The ST-G 220 driver has 14 stock shaft options and goes on sale in October with an RRP of £449.

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