Hole 10 - Camellia


PAR 4 - 495 YARDS

You’ve got to sling it off the tee and if you don’t get it going right-to-left enough it can be at least three clubs’ difference.

Not sure why, but the fairway on 10 is often wet, so it’s possible to get mud on the ball. I remember Chris DiMarco got a mud ball and it veered off to the right. Don’t be short here and avoid going left where it runs off down into the trees.

Also the bunker on the right is tricky because of the damp, heavy sand. It doesn’t have the same consistency as the others.

The Quiros way: I’ll try to draw my driver a little but it’s not essential as the slanting fairway should push my ball back. This leaves an 8 or 9-iron in, off a sloping lie, to another difficult green. Targetscore: 4

The Wilson way: You’ve got to hit a big snap hook here. For me a 3-wood is a little too defensive so I tend to take driver, turning it right to left and using the slope to kick it down further. Left side from the tee leaves a better angle up the green with a 4 or 5-iron. Targetscore: 4