Hole 13 - Azalea


PAR 5 - 510 YARDS

You used to be able to get away with a 3-wood off the tee, but now, more often than not, it’s a driver.

You have to play a 10-yard draw at least, but it’s the second that’s tough as the ball is above your feet. You have about a 4-iron and it’s easy to tug left, so some guys hold on to it too long and push it right into the hazard.

Also you’d swear blind it was flat, or even a bit downhill, but experience tells you this is five yards uphill which is why some come up short. A tricky green has a big shelf back left.

Because the carry to the right is 12 to 18 yards further, you’re aiming for the left half.

The Quiros way: I can hit my driver straight over the left-hand trees on the carry; I don’t have to draw it like a lot of other players to get a long way down the fairway. After the ball kicks off the slope, I could have as little as a 7-iron in my hands! Targetscore: 4

The Wilson way: The lie, situation and pin position determine whether you go for it in two. The maximum distance I’d go for it is probably 220 yards which I can achieve with a hybrid. With the ball well above my feet, I don’t want to be going in there with 3-wood. Targetscore: 4