golf ball fastest in sport


Golf is officially the fastest ball sport on earth and we have the golf video to prove it!

In a series of tests carried out in America on sports such as tennis, baseball and lacrosse were tested to discover which one created the highest ball speeds.

In this incredible golf video below we watch golf's five-time long drive champion and the man universally accepted as creating the fastest golf ball speed on earth, Jason Zuback attempting to beat the top ball speed of 186mph.

Captured using incredible slow-motion cameras we watch Jason Zuback's golf swing and get an understanding of how he creates such energy and GOLF ball speed. Enough to drive the ball a whopping 468 yards - THAT'S 468 YARDS!!!!

But does Jason Zuback drive the golf ball so far? Does he prove that golf has the fastest ball speed in sport? Click on the golf video and prepare to be amazed...