tiger woods splits from buick


Tiger Woods is facing a major hole in his future earnings after splitting from a big bucks deal with Buick cars in the wake of the Credit Crunch.

In ending the nine year endorsement deal a year early Tiger will now find himself $7 millionshort in 2009 as they agreed to go their separate ways after Buick's parent company General Motors posted an unbelievable $73 billion loss for 2008.

It shouldn't hurt Tiger too much, however, as he managed to make $122.7 million in the last year, despite only playing golf up to the US Open.

Woods’s agent, Mark Steinberg, wouldn’t comment on Tiger Woods'  future endorsements saying: 'We’ve put together a plan, but it’s nothing that I’m going to discuss at this time.'

So who, or what, will be next to take Tiger Woods under its wing and help him to become the world's first billion dollar sports star? Only time will tell...