today's golfer new magazine


Today's Golfer magazine fans stand by your beds as the new issue of Today's Golfer has hit the shelves!

It's quite an issue too, even by our usual standards, as it's brimming with features designed to improve your enjoyment of the game.

And to add to the value the package offers we've also stuffed it with an exclusive 2009 Today's Golfer calendar that will not only help organise your life but also your golf game too, as every month features one of our greatest ever golf instruction tips.

Inside the game improvement theme continues with our in-depth guide to keeping it straight and long off the tee, world exclusives on all the best new equipment for 2009 and a huge three-wood test to help you choose better next time you're in the market for one.

Add to that little lot a 16-page fault fix special mini-mag and more interesting reads than you can shake a sharp stick at and you get one of the best ever issues of the UK's biggest selling golf magazine.

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