How did this ball finish here?


An unlucky Hertfordshire golfer found his ball in an unlikely position after playing his approach to the first green at Berkhamsted Golf Club.

Stephen Meredith used a 7-iron for his 140-yard semi-blind second shot on the pa4 four first and knew his ball would be close, but he was amazed at what he saw as he approached the green.

"I could tell from the trajectory and direction of the ball that I would be close to the pin, but it wasn't until I arrived on the green that I determined exactly how close," he said.

Meredith's ball had plugged into the edge of the hole, just millimetres from a spectacular eagle.

"Following some deliberation with the other two players in my three ball we determined that the ball was not in the hole as it was neither in contact with the bottom of the cup nor wedged between the pin and the edge of the cup.

"I therefore resolved that rather than hit the ball with a putter and potentially do more damage to the hole wall I should remove my embedded ball from the wall of the hole, repair the damage place, the ball just outside the hole in line with the damaged hole edge and putt it in for birdie."