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Christmas may be a time for giving but it has also become a day for receiving piles of useless, unwanted presents!

You know the score. That cousin who only darkens your door when the festive season rears its ugly head pops a gift wrapped present round to share a cup of hot Cocoa and bore you to death with stories about his new car.

The worst thing about the whole scenario is the fact that that present will undoubtedly be some cheap-as-chips golf ball cleaner or office putting machine that will clutter your shed for the next two decades.

Well we want to make a stand against this Christmas present crime! The Today's Golfer team realises it's our job to prepare you with your own personalised Christmas gift list so you can pro actively suggest present ideas rather than receive rubbish!

Every Tuesday we will be selecting a great golf Christmas present idea for you and you can find our most recent golf christmas present via this link.

Another great idea, of course, is a magazine subscription to Today's Golfer, Golf World or one of our sister titles.

Why? Because magazine subscriptions make great Christmas gifts as you can save almost 50% on the off-the-shelf price and also:

• Choose from over 55 great sister magazines of ours
• Receive ofr give a thoughtful present that will be appreciated and remembered all year-round rather than thrown away a day later!
• Claim a FREE personalised gift card on many top magazines*
• Guaranteed the best price direct from us, the publisher
• Browse, select and order online – 24 / 7.

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