Another Rate My Swing video analysed by a top pro


This week the Rate My Swing spotlight falls on DivWatson who added his video on March 16.

Here's what top TG12 teacher Adrian Fryer has to say about DivWatson's swing:

"I like this swing, you are obviously a competent golfer. I feel your arms/hands work away from your body a little in the backswing causing the shaft to be rolled a little flat and 'under plane' which will require compensations in your downswing.

"I would encourage you to practise half shots with a glove under your left arm to stop your arm detaching, plus 1/2 way back feel the butt of the club point more downward between the ball and your toe line.

"These changes will encourage a much more on plane action and imrove striking. Rehearse these moves slowly in front of a mirror to check and develop a feel for them. Good luck, keep up the good work."

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