Don't pay the penalty


It's hard enough to break lower your handicap when all your strokes are actual shots played but that task becomes near-impossible when you're wasting strokes on penalties.

A recent analysis on TG's FREE Handicap Tracker service shows that a few of you are having trouble keeping the ball in play and that 70% of people's penalty strokes come on the back nine.

Jon Harris (14.3) recorded four penalty strokes at Thorney GC but still shot 89 and  Peter Dubar (21.3) also notched four penalty strokes at Stoke Albany on his way to a 93.

If these guys, and many other Handicap Tracker users, could cut out these costly mistake, they would have no trouble taking shots off their handicaps.

These tips from top Tour pro and 2009 Q School champion Simon Khan will help you get your swing on plane and keep the ball in play.