Hit more greens and make more birdies


Solid iron play and a good Greens In Regulation statistic are the key to recovering after a bad tee shot or converting a good drive into a birdie opportunity.

There have been some decent performances on Handicap Tracker this week, despite players not hitting too many GIR.

Rich Harrison (12.6) shot 77 at Cannock Park and got a 1.6 handicap reduction with only 39% GIR and Nigel Curtis (5.6) had 55% GIR in a 79 at Haywards Heath.

But the Handicap Tracker user who could gain most from improving his iron play is Paul Merett (18.8) who shot three rounds in the low 90s at Belfairs GC hitting but hit just one GIR in two of his rounds and five in the other for a 27% total.

This distance control tip from Lee Scarbrow will really help these guys, and the numerous 18+ handicappers who struggle to hit greens, to up their stats and lower their scores.


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