It's snow joking matter


Snow may be causing havoc at golf courses up and down the country, but you can hardly accuse these enthusiasts of being fair weather golfers can you?

Heavy snow this morning meant that many courses, specially in the south, east and midlands regions, were unplayable though not even a thick blanket of the white stuff could deter these hardy, barking mad souls...

If you know of somebody who has teed it up in the snow, send us the photographic evidence and your snowy golfing snap shots could end up in the next issue of Today's Golfer... as well as earning you a bit of golfing kit.

Meanwhile, if you are game to battle it out on the whites then make sure you:

* Have some extra large tees.

* Wrap up nice and warm.

* Take out a flask (coffee/whisky/brandy).

* Use a brightly coloured ball.