Hard work pays off with steady progress on Handicap Tracker


Sadly there aren't any quick fixes when it comes to golf, but you can make massive improvements with a bit or hard work and persistence.

By monitoring these steady improvements on our FREE Handicap Tracker service you'll automatically be entered into the TG Most Improved Golfer competition, with thousands of pounds of top prizes up for grabs.

It's been steady improvement all the way for these guys:

» The time invested on the course by Paul Bentley is paying dividends with as he's dropped his handicap by a stroke to 24 from his 14 rounds so far in May.

» Bob Brooks is also spending plenty of time on the fairways, slashing his handicap from 20.3 to 17.6.

» Toby Dawson has been consistently shooting in the 80s but two recent sub-80 rounds have sent him on his way to single figures at 11.4.

» 18 rounds in six weeks inclusing a pair of level par scores and a one under par round has seen Andrew Winwarddrop from 5.2 to 4.4.