Stop swinging 'over the top'!


"Jules, it looks like you've worked hard on your action. It's difficult to be totally subjective without seeing your ball flight but it's a great swing.

"I feel your right hand grip creeps a little 'under' or strong and your hands set back. This means you have to create a little too much roll or hand action in your backswing to open the clubface going back.

"In the transition into the downswing you tend to rotate around your left knee too much so it pops out causing your hips to spin early which makes you come 'over the top' of the odd shot I suspect. This leaves divots facing a little too left.

"I would love to see you work on a little more hip (not knee) shift in the transition. Your left hip will feel it moves up and forward before turning, this would drop the club on a more consistent 'inside' approach path.

"Keep up the hard work and good luck with the changes."