Get a consistent golf swing with Adrian Fryer


What a great golf swing Conor N, looks like you are going to be a very low handicap player if not there already.

2 or 3 minor changes should really see you become even more consistent.
At address you weight looks like it creeps a little forward onto your toes so aim to feel it a little more even between your heels and toes.

During your backswing your left arm tends to drift off your body and roll a little too much. This makes the club swing a little flat and the clubface creep slightly closed.Then from here you attack the ball quite hard and can come over the top a pull the odd shot I suspect. Imagine you had a glove or hanky under your left arm for the first half of your backswing, if it falls outlater in the backswing that's ok but it just keep you more 'connected' initially.In the downswing aim to hit the 'inside' of the ball a touch more, this will stop you cooming across it and give you even more power. Good luck, keep up the good work.

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