Increase consistency with a square clubface at impact


"Looking at your clip latopjim, I suspect you tend to leak the ball to the right with your driver and you have inconsistent strikes, hitting it fat and thin.

"Your pre-swing details need tweaking to encourage better movements through the ball.

"At address turn your left hand a little 'stronger' (more clockwise so you can see 2-3 knuckles of your left hand). Tilt your spine a little more forward over the ball and square your right foot up a little instead of having it turned out too much.

"These adjustments will help square your clubface, your backswing and turn through the ball.

"During your swing, you need to work on retaining some structure in your arms so your left arm doesn't collapse at the top.

"Imagine a triangle formed by your arms and aim to maintain the feeling through the backswing and rotate the triangle through the impact.

"Your new grip linked to this turning motion through the ball should really help improve the strike and squaring of the clubface, giving you longer and straighter shots.

"Good luck working on these new swing improvements."

You can find out more about TG12 coach Adrian Fryer at and you could get yourself a free lesson if you upload a video of your swing at Rate My Swing.