Stay tall and close to the ball to prevent a push


"Intermad22, your golf swing looks very good and powerful. As with any low handicap player, the aim is to keep the swing as 'neutral' as possible, i.e not too inside or outside on the approach or open or closed with the clubface.

"You have a tendancy to set up a little too far from the ball which encourages your arms to swing a little too 'deep', or behind you, and flat in your backswing.

"At the top your clubface gets too closed (looking up to the sky) rather than squarer or more neutral. I'm sure you have the odd push shot and hook now and again.

"You can play with a closed face but it requires you to have a busy leg action and drive 'underneath' with your shoulder action.

"Working in a mirror, I would like you to be taller and nearer the ball, aim to feel the arm swing more back and up and feel the toe of club point down a little more at the top.

"From here you can rehearse a more 'level' turn through the ball where your legs/hips rotate more rather than sliding.

"Work on these changes in slow motion first with a 7-iron, then gradually build up to full shots. See it as a long term gradual evolution to a more neutral repeatable action. Best of luck."

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