Treat someone to a magazine subscription this Christmas!


Sometimes it can be really tricky finding the perfect gift for the guy or girl who seems to have everything.

Today's Golfer, Golf World and are part of a massive magazine and website group, which produces 64 monthly and weekly publications covering all walks of life.

Fantastic choice
You will have seen most of them while browsing through your local newsagents - from our famous Motor Cycle News, FHM, Closer, Heat, Empire and Kerrang, through to specialist hobby magazines such as Rail, Garden Answers, Country Walking, Practical Photography, Your Horse and Today's Golfer.

They are all designed to provide the fan with the latest news, advice, guidance and deals to make their hobby, sport or interest even more enjoyable than ever before.

So - when you take a little time to think about it - a subscription to a quality magazine does make a tremendous gift that any member of the family will be able to enjoy every month of the year.

Gifts for you!
And what's more - a subscription to our magazines won't break the bank either as we always have reduced price deals on offer. And, most magazines will send you a gift too, just for taking up the offer of a subscription. Nice touch!

Why not take a look at the excellent magazines we have to offer below.

See what offers we are currently running, and how to take out a yearly subscription for yourself, family or friends...