Save £5 on a Lee Westwood puttmaster


Hard to believe that a small green mat, precision fabricated with two parallel rails and a single white line can change a Professional golfer's life so quickly.

That's what's happened since Lee Westwood has been using his Puttmaster pocket sized putt training mat.
The Puttmaster was developed to enable instant accurate target alignment and promote a sq-sq-sq stroke and be rolled up and stored in your bag or pocket after use.
In fact, you don't even need a ball to practice with it. It's all about controlling the clubhead throughout the stroke.
It's been launched Worldwide with the brand backing and support of the European Number 1 and World Number 3, Lee Westwood.
Unlike other practice aids that control/guide/support the club or assist during the stroke, Puttmaster does not encourage any contact from the putter (with the mat or rails) when putting! It simply gives massive visual feedback as the putter travels through its perfect contact path.
It's plain to see that when faced with a short putt of within 15-10 feet, it's important that when the putter face strikes the ball, the face should be set at 90 degrees to the intended target path. If the face is open or closed at contact you will create a different target path to the one initially chosen. Therefore, why change the face angle during the swing path when you can keep it 'fixed' at Square to the target line? This additional new style of putting is aleady being called the Sq Birdie Putt. This way you can have your normal, long distance 'percussion' (lag?) putt and your Sq Birdie Putt for holing out more often!
The difference after having tried a Lee Westwood Puttmaster is, your confidence level booms as you realise that you can take this new found (Birdie Putt) skill right out onto the course....straight away!
Its a fact that the main problem for most poorly struck or missed putts is because of the sweeping Windscreen Wiper action most golfers take the putter clubface along during its strike path. Instead, imagine if you will, a Crown Green Bowler delivering a bowl towards its target.  This is generally a straight-thro' motion or a Sq-Sq-Sq action where the 'delivering arm' doesnt deviate from the target path. Puttmaster can show you how to learn this simple action...not with hours of practice..... but instantly!
By having this secondary stroke in your bag, you will find that you start to make more definite putts, more of the time
It's the Pro's secret.
So, if you want to work on chopping your Handicap or want to learn Pro-Style precision putting, without the hours-of-practice heartache, grab a LW Puttmaster for yourself today and see what all the fuss is about!
Lee shows you how to make 'Simple Putting...Easy'!
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