Rate My Swing: waltwalt


"Walter, the swing looks as good as the scenic surroundings! If I was going to make some subtle changes I would watch your left hand grip doesn't get too 'strong', so you can see too many knuckles. This forces your hands ahead trying to get the face square.

"The shaft can lean back at address slightly in with a driver. You tend to roll the club a touch flat in the takeaway and get 'closed' at the top. If this is overdone you will produce pushes and hooks.

"Aim to adjust you left hand experimenting with one-and-a-half to two knuckles. Feel the club work back a touch straighter and at the top of the backswing your left thumb may feel a touch more under the shaft.

"This will set the clubface more 'toe down' or open. From here put your best swing on it through to a balanced finish. Good luck."