Rate My Swing: Jamie Platt


Jamie, you have been chosen to have your swing analysed by a TG Pro! Gareth Johnston has taken a good look at it, here’s his feedback…

“Hi Jamie, TG Elite Pro Gareth Johnston here. Reading the stuff that people have said underneath here is funny. From the angle has been filmed on some of the people below are commenting on things that you cannot even see!  Here is my spin on the footage I have seen from the 'down the line' angle:


I feel that your right elbow disconnects from your body excessively at the top of the backswing. Ordinarily, you would expect to see a club golfer then start the downswing with an 'over the top action' as a result. However, you manage to compensate for this by 'diving' underneath the ball or tilting the body excessively towards the camera.

You can see this by the fact that your belly button fails to rotate until the ball is 60 yards down the range. You have a lovely action but not only is this going to worsen as you get older, there’s a good chance you’ll experience bad back problems 10 years down the line.
I would like you to rehearse your backswing with a putter headcover underneath your right armpit. Accompanying this, I would like you to turn your belly button to the target through impact EARLIER to allow you to rotate rather than tilt away from the target excessively.
A couple of good video tips worth watching to help you improve would be my very own ‘Gain Connection Perfection’ under the iron play category and ‘Increase your clubhead speed’ video tip under the driving and woods category.
All the best Jamie, Gareth.”