New iPhone app features a pro in your pocket


Providing professional golf tuition at your finger tips, Pocket Pro is a new golf coaching app featuring 25 golf lessons specifically designed not just for the range or the home, but in the moment when they are needed most – whilst playing on the course.

Created by golf professional James Ellis, the app is designed to help execute the right shot from the many awkward and varied lies a golfer may face during a round. Each lesson includes three separate key components:

• A 30-second video, focusing on the key points to execute the shot.

• Written bullet points to be viewed as an alternative or addition to the video.

• A more detailed written text, designed to be viewed at leisure, helping the golfer understand the lesson  in more detail.

“I began to wonder how I could offer advice to all my clients in those moments when they need it the most – when their ball is buried in the bunker or when they are playing from an awkward lie,” said creator James.

“Pocket Pro removes the fear golfers experience and quickly replaces it with instant knowledge, focus and confidence, enabling users to execute the perfect shot whatever the circumstance.”

The app is available on iTunes for £2.99 or visit for more info.

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