Danny Willett: How to build a consistent swing


This year, I’ve missed only one cut in 19 events on the European Tour. Although I’ve only had one top-three finish, it’s been great to register a consistency that had been lacking for much of 2013.

I attribute it to a better understanding of my swing, and my body. I have a long-term injury that restricts my hip rotation. Physical issues like this often lead to damaging compensations. They certainly have done in my case, and in this article I’ll explain how I’ve overcome them. Almost every golfer has some physical issue they have to deal with, and understanding how it affects your motion is the first step to developing a technique that works around it. We’ll also look at bunker play – my sand practice actually improves my regular full swing – and I’ll give you a simple putting drill that has sharpened up my 2014 performance on the greens. I hope the tips help your game as much as they have mine.

See the features below for Danny’s swing, bunker play and putting advice.

Danny Willett
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