TG takes on Future World Champion Robin Tiger Williams


TG recently lost to a 12-year-old. This would have ranked fairly high on our table of embarrassing golfing moments*, had that 12-year-old not been Robin Tiger Williams. (*We’ll tell you about the time we knifed one out of a bunker and nearly killed Arnold Palmer another time…)

Robin Tiger Williams, you see, is officially a Future World Champion. He won the Future Champions Golf World Championship 11-12 age category, becoming the first 11-year-old ever to do so. Take a look at his swing in this video, and have a think how you’d fare against this five-foot golfing wizard. Then read the full story in the March issue of Today’s Golfer – including why you should stick a fiver on him to win the Open Championship 2020 – on sale now!

Watch a second video of Robin Tiger Williams on the TG YouTube channel here