A solution to the most frustrating part of travelling as a golfer


Question – What is the most frustrating parts of travelling as a golfer?

Answer - Queuing at the airport with the prospect of an excess baggage charge.

Sound familiar?

Or are you fed up with paying extortionate airline prices to take your golf clubs with you?

Well look out for BagSOLO, a new travel solution that provides a courier service for your clubs from your front door to the course you're playing from as little as £29 each way.

The service relieves the stress of travelling with your equipment, so that you can relax and enjoy your journey while your bags go solo.

BagSOLO is partnered with world-leading logistics providers FedEx and UPS to offer golfers the premium service of door-to-door delivery of their clubs when they travel.

In a nutshell there are no excess baggage charges, no queues at the airport check-in, and no heavy bags to lug around. A win-win situation for most golfers.

The service costs upwards of £29 each way, depending on the traveller's requirements, and destination.

Travellers can arrange pick-up and delivery to whichever destination they choose, whether it's home, the golf club, or hotel, and can track their luggage every step of the way with a free tracking service.

In the extremely unlikely event that there is a delay in getting the clubs to their destination, BagSOLO guarantees that a free hire set will be available to the traveller until their own set arrives at the specified destination.

"It's a luxury service at an affordable price," comments Mike Coyne, Director of BagSOLO.
"Travelling with your own clubs can be frustrating, and can distract from enjoying your time away.

BagSOLO offers a convenient service where you can take your own set of clubs all over the world, hassle free, and not have to worry about hire clubs or transporting clubs and luggage to and from the airport."

For more information on BagSOLO, and how to book your first trip, visit www.BagSOLO.com or call 02038 706 706.