Scientists (and Padraig Harrington) have worked out how much further you can hit with a Happy Gilmore swing


We've all tried it when messing around with mates, but could the Happy Gilmore swing actually be a secret weapon in competition?

Using three-time major winner Padraig Harrington and launch monitor TrackMan, scientists have calculated that a properly struck drive using Happy Gilmore's famous technique will travel 10% further than a ball hit with a standard swing. That means Harrington can hit 330-yard bombs, a significant increase on his already impressive 300-yard driving distance. 

Harrington is yet to try it in competition, but he did unleash a Happy Gilmore during a practice round ahead of the 2014 PGA Championship. 

With Harrington currently outside the top-100 for driving distance, it could be only a matter of time before the 44-year-old starts taking a run-up on his drives. 

Will you be unleashing your inner Happy Gilmore next time you need to get one out there?