VIDEO: Piers Morgan is supporting Team USA at the Ryder Cup


Piers Morgan is backing America in the Ryder Cup.

With Ryder Cup fever sweeping across Europe, one of the nation’s most polarising public figures is supporting the States in golf’s showpiece event – thanks to the UK’s decision to leave the E.U. in this summer’s referendum. 

He said: “I’m shooting for the USA all the way.” 

In a possible attempt to rebuild Morgan-American relations after he was famously chased out in 2014, Piers dons the stars and stripes, and claims he’s as American as a “doughnut-guzzling, monster truck driving, Second Amendment-loving cowboy” for Ryder Cup week.

Morgan said: “I voted Remain this summer, but 17 million of you inexplicably didn’t. Now we’re supposed to pretend that never happened and we’re one big happy, European family again at the Ryder Cup?”

Paddy Power is confident that Piers Morgan coming out swinging for America will help give punters another reason to support Europe ahead of the Ryder Cup, which starts on Friday.

Anyone unfortunate enough to remember when Nigel Farage started in the Paddy Power Ryder Cup video…