American Golf Long Drive Finalists Announced


Five players recorded drives over 400 yards on their way to this years American Golf Long Drive Championship final, which will be contested at Heythrop Park in Oxfordshire on Friday 4th August. 

With the Championship boasting over 5000 entrants which includes Ladies Eurpoean Tour members and players flying in from around Europe, the 2017 edition of the American Golf Long Drive Championship has been breaking all of it's own record qualifying distances in each category. 

Daniel Gathercole, Director of Marketing and Communications at American Golf, said the level of enthusiasm had surpassed their expectations.

“The standard of qualifying this year has been incredible. To have over 5000 entrants has surpassed all our expectations and really shows the growing popularity of Long Drive since we introduced the Championship in 2015."

"There's been record distances in every category, we’ve got finalists who flew in from Germany to just hit 6 balls to qualify, we’ve got Tour players, teaching Pro’s, one guy off +5 and a healthy dose of club golfers who just hit a very long ball."

The categories of Under 45, Over 45, and Ladies have been hotly over three months of qualifying, which resulted in the final stages of qualifying at golf shows across the country. 

John McSloy from Glasgow topped the pile in the Under 45 category with a huge 415 yard drive, marginally ahead of 2016 runner up Dave Evans, who managed 412. While 383 yards was the longest drive in the 2016 final, this year's competition holds a four-way tie in the ninth qualifying spot at an astonishing 389 yards.

LET Tour player Carly Booth threw her hat in the ring at last chance qualifying in London, and now tops the board of ladies qualifiers with a drive of 304 yards - certain to challenge reigning champion and world No.3 Rebecca McGinley. The next 9 qualifiers, including fellow Tour player Michele Thomson are separated by just 16 yards from 274 to 258. 

Carly Booth at American Golf Long Drive

The Over 45 qualifiers also recorded some huge record breaking drives, with Sean McCormack from Dunblane registering 387 yards, ahead of William Hunt-Tyrell’s 369. Pro Golfer’s and past finalists pepper the qualifying field with five qualifiers registering 350+ and beaten 2016 finalist David Willmore creeping in at number 10 with 334 yards.

Spectator entry to the final will be completely free and all are welcome on the 4th August.

American Golf Long Drive Finalists

Under 45 Category: Pos. / Player / Yards

1: John McSloy 415
2: David Evans 412
3: James Fawssett 405
4: Vincent Palm 403
5: Dan Konyk 401
T6: Adam Stacey 397
T6: Alex Robertson 397
8: Matt Blair 392
T9: Adam Hussain 389
T9: Mark Thompson 389
T9: Nigel Hunt 389
T9: Timo Petrasch 389 

Ladies Category: Pos. / Player / Yards

1: Carly Booth 304
T2: Ilona Stubley 274
T2: Sanni Kamarainen 274
4: Rebecca O'Grady 271
5: Michelle Thomson 270
T6: Bronwyn Davies 269
T6: Marie Simonsen 269
8: Vicki Johnson 268
9: Rhian Barton 267
T10: Abbi Rowlands 258
T10: Rachael McQueen 258

Over 45 Category: Pos. / Player / Yards

1: Sean McCormack 387
2: William Hunt-Tyrell 369
3: Paul Slater 362
4: Steve Kent 355
5: Gavin Beddow 350
T6: Charles Seo 342
T6: Iain Davidson 342
8: Ian Howard 341
9: Karl Bowker 336
10: David Willmore 334