The Golf Test: Ian Woosnam


How much do you have in common with a former Masters champion?

Every month in Today's Golfer magazine, we aim to seek out just how much in common you have with the world's top golfers. 

This month, we spoke to World Golf Hall of Famer and former World No.1 Ian Woosnam. 

Have you ever rushed on to the 1st tee just before your tee time?

I was in Australia and I had a 24-hour clock instead of a traditional clock. I woke up and realised I had 15 minutes to get to the club.
I basically played my first shot with my walking shoes on. It was a mad rush.
TG Score: Birdie 

Have you ever won or lost a match 10&8? 

I won 10&8 across 36 holes at the World Match Play at Wentworth. I was playing Lee Westwood and made seven birdies in a row at one point. I also made seven in a row against Padraig [Harrington] as well. I shot 62 for the first 18 holes and was two-down. I beat him 2&1. He shot -12 and I shot -11.
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever hit five off the tee?

I did it one time at 17 at Sawgrass. If you have to go over that much water, there’s always a possibility you could end up hitting your fifth off the tee.
TG Score: Birdie

Ian Woosnam at TPC Sawgrass

Have you ever run out of golf balls?

No, I’ve never run out of golf balls. I like to have nine in the bag. I’d rather have more balls than less. Mind you, if you lose nine balls then there’s something wrong with you. You might as well walk in because your game’s in serious trouble!
TG Score: Par

Have you ever walked off a course mid- round?

Many times. I’ve walked off a course at a US PGA [Championship] before to go and practise. I was frustrated because of the way they cut the grass. I’ve never mastered chipping from Bermuda rough.
TG Score:  Birdie

Have you ever missed a putt inside two feet?

Oh yeah! Many times with a short putter I’ve been under pressure and I’ve had the yips. I just don’t have the confidence. I could miss it from a foot and I’m not the only person. That’s why we use the long putter.
TG Score: Birdie

Have you ever had a double-digit score?

Definitely, especially on par 5s. I put down 32 on the 18th at an event in Singapore. A lot of times the temperament gets the better of me when I’m having a bad day. I made the mistake of miscalculating and wrote down 32!
TG Score: Eagle

Have you ever shot a 59 or better?

I shot 57 (-13) at my home course [Oswestry GC] in Shropshire and I missed putts from two-feet on the last three holes. I’ve still got the card. It was a couple of months before I won the Masters, so I was in form!
TG Score: Eagle

Have you ever shanked a shot?

Oh, of course I have. If you’ve got too much bounce, that’s the easiest way to do it. When you’re trying to cut it up, sometimes the club just doesn’t arrive square at impact. That’s easier to do than many people realise.
TG Score: Par

Have you ever played a prank on a friend?

I’ve stood on a friend’s ball. If someone drives into you, you ought to stamp on his ball to teach them a lesson to never do it again. They’ll figure it out when they can’t find it because you’ve buried it into the ground with your foot!
TG Score: Par 


Woosie storms to the top of the leaderboard, just as he did 26 years ago to win the green jacket at Augusta National. Next month, fellow Brit Russell Knox reveals all about his best and most embarrassing moments.