Women's Golf Day 2017 - How to get involved


Have you heard about Women's Golf Day? It's taking place at hundreds of locations in over 46 countries, including the UK - on Tuesday 6th June. 

We caught up with Emma Ballard, who is the UK Ambassador for Women's Golf Day and is also Head of Digital at Medi8. She's spent her entire career in the golf industry, and has a real passion to get more people playing and raise the profile of Women's Golf. 

We asked Emma all about Women's Golf Day, and she told us how YOU can get involved! 

What IS Women's Golf Day?

Women’s Golf Day (WGD) is a global golf initiative that launched in 2016 to introduce women and girls to the game and encourage existing golfers to tee it up in a fun and highly-inclusive environment. It's a real celebration of women and girls golf.

It founded by Elisa Gaudet, President of Executive Golf International – a strategic consulting firm based in America. The inaugural one day, four-hour event, spanned 28 countries in 485 locations and introduced thousands of new golfers to the sport. This year, it's going to be even bigger.

How many locations are there in total/ and will there be events in every part of the UK?

This year WGD is set to cover 46 countries in over 650 locations, and over 50 of those locations are going to be in the UK. There are events across the majority of the UK, but unofrtunately not every location is covered. However there were only a handful of clubs that signed up last year, so it’s a vast improvement and it’s great to see more venues joining the Women’s Golf Day movement.

Check where your nearest location is here

What is happening on the day itself?

The exciting part for me is the sheer number of people that will be participating in WGD events around the world!

All WGD events follow a 4 hour format, 2 hours of golf and 2 hours of socialising. From a golf perspective UK participants can look forward to beginner clinics, including one being held at Holme Hall Golf Club with LET & ALPG Tour Pro Whitney Hillier, on course tuition, 9 hole competitions, putting competitions and much more.

The social side also varies depending on each venue but I know that there will be prosecco being served on the 18th at 3 Hammers – Ladies Love Golf event, picnics at love.golf venues and a fashion show at American Golf and Women & Golf’s event at High Legh Park. 

Who is it for?

Women's Golf Day really is for everyone and although people will automatically assume that it’s all about women taking part, this doesn’t have to be the case. TheSocialGolfer.com is hosting an event where their male members are signing up and bringing a female relative or friend along.

The influence of male peers shouldn’t be underestimated when it comes to getting girls and women into golf – my Dad is the reason I play. 

What is the main objective of Women’s Golf Day?

The 3 buzzwords associated with Women's Golf Day are Engage, Empower & Support. We are aiming to encourage females to engage in golf, to empower new and experienced golfers alike and teach skills that last a lifetime and also to grow a support network for golfers

Why do you think Women's Golf Day is important? 

It is the global nature of WGD that sets it apart, you will have 46 different countries talking about and celebrating women and girls golf all on the same day. I don’t know of another sport that has an event like this.

Within the golf industry women and girls golf participation is at the top of everyone’s agenda. WGD provides the perfect platform to showcase golf, allowing clubs to run a one off event that highlights their commitment to women and girls golf and provides another avenue for females to engage with the sport. 

Are there plans for another one if it is successful? 

You can see from the county and location figures that there has been a lot of growth in just one year so I am sure that Women’s Golf Day will be back next June.

You say there are 46 countries participating – did you expect such a high level of participation?

This has definitely gone beyond expectations – there are more countries taking part in WGD than took part in golf at the Olympics. The global nature of the sport has to help but WGD’s extensive list of worldwide partners has to have contributed to the impressive figures this year.

Is there a cost to it?

The cost involved is down to each individual venue, the majority are free but some will have a nominal fee to cover expenses for the day. 

When you sign up you'll be able to see which events charge and which don't! SIGN UP HERE