Staying fit the Bernhard Langer Way


German legend Bernhard Langer, a two-time Masters champion and winner of 42 European Tour titles, may be 62-years-old...but he’s as fit as the proverbial fiddle.

Langer has proved that time and time again since reaching 50 and playing on the lucrative US Champions Tour where he is undoubtedly the dominant force – he’s not only celebrated a record 11 senior major crowns but 41 Champions Tour titles, just four adrift of Hale Irwin’s record.

Says the Mercedes ambassador - like many other pro sportsman forced to plan his own fitness routines without a personal trainer. “I can swing a club a little bit because I have a heavy club – a seven iron with lead down the shaft - and I swing that in my fitness room. I also have a treadmill and exercise bike.
“I have mats to stretch on and do body-weight exercises and I am learning to do some workouts in the pool which is actually better for my knees and my shoulders.
“You need to be creative and use what you have and everyone has that opportunity. You can do sit-ups, push-ups and pull-ups and benching just using your body weight. You don’t need a lot of other stuff. I cycled yesterday for an hour and I enjoyed that. It was beautiful and good exercise.
“It also helps that I’ve a little putting green in our backyard and I can chip around that too.”

So how does the Florida-based Langer stay fit and healthy? Check out the attached for Langer’s top easy-to-do tips and secrets to achieving tip-top fitness…