Hole 17 - Nandina


PAR 4 - 440 YARDS

It used to be a lob wedge or sand wedge in here, but now you’re looking at a 7-iron.

Quite a severe green especially to the righthand pins. There’s a ridge here where if you miss it left to a right-hand pin, it’s very difficult to get your putt anywhere close. The back left pin is a good birdie chance, but this hole isn’t the pushover it used to be.

Francesco Molinari – "A tough par 4. The tee shot here is really important. It is quite tight an you don’t want to miss the fairways on the left side because the trees will block you out. The second shot is into a firm green, sloping away from you; for me that is a middle iron approach. If the flag is on the right, it is tough. Long and left over the bunker are the more accessible positions. Your birdie hopes depend on that flag position."

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