The shots that will win The Open: 1


Build a firm base into the wind

One of the key issues at a links course like Royal Liverpool is the wind. Here we are on the 14th tee – one of our feature holes – the wind is coming off the sea, as usual. It is coming at your back and over your shoulders, meaning the tendency will be for the wind to push your weight forwards, onto your toes. If that happens, you’ll either hit a pull or a slice. You can guard against this by altering your posture and how you distribute your weight.

Weight on your heels

Put 65-70% of your weight on your heels at set-up. Make your normal swing, with a full turn and good weight transfer through the swing. Keep as balanced as possible and your backside out to avoid toppling forward when the wind is at your back.

Sit deeper

As you bend forward from the hips as normal, push your backside out further than normal. This will ensure you don't topple forward as you start your downswing. Imagine you are squatting, as though lowering yourself into a chair.

With John Heggarty: Head pro and Master PGA Professional at Royal Liverpool 

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