Masters 2009 Immelman tip


Masters 2009

Trevor Immelman won the 2008 Masters - but only after a last-minute tip from his brother Mark.

Trevor had been having a torrid time on the greens and had slumped to 202nd on the Tour stats. His brother - a top teaching pro turned up at Augusta just before the tournament started and asked for half-an-hour on the putting green.

He asked Trevor what he thought was wrong with his putting. His borther replied that he could not get the ball in the hole! That's the problem, repliud Mark.

"It's not about whether it goes in or not - it's about whether you hit the shot you wan to. If you hit the ball where you want it to go, on the path you want it to travel on then it's a good putt."

The pair set up on the practice green and Mark got his brother putting to exact spots on the green. Mind coach Bob Rotella added: "If you feel good with the putter, the second shot is a lot easier. It takes a lot of the pressure off the approach to the green and the rest of the game."

Trevor ended the week as champion and fourth in the putting stats. So the learning is not to beat yourself up if the putt doesn't drop.

It's more about picking a target and a line and hitting the ball on that line.

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