Masters 2009 Mickelson talks


Masters 2009

Several times during his pre-tournament press conference, Phil Mickelson was asked about his rivalry with Tiger Woods, but on each occasion he side-stepped the issue with all the dexterity of a wing three-quarter. The world yearns a Tiger/Phil showdown on Sunday.

Finally, a question came which opened him up. “Of your two Masters victories, which did you enjoy more; Mike Weir putting the Green Jacket on to you, or Tiger Woods.” Mickelson laughed. “There’s always one wise guy,” was his response. “When Mike Weir did it, it was a great feeling to keep this Tournament amongst left-handers. But, I do have a picture of Tiger sliding that jacket on to me, and it was certainly a cool moment.”

It’s no secret that there is not a lot of love lost between the two. They are two very different people, and although there is a healthy respect there, they don’t send Christmas cards to each other.

In these current economic times, the game needs a boost; and if they are both in the final group on Sunday afternoon, few will be disappointed.