Team McDowell


The men who helped make the US Open Champion:

Clive Tucker.
I met him through David Howell and we got together at the end of 2006. He is a calm, collected sort of guy and I trust him implicitly. He is very analytical and a deep thinker; a bit like me. He comes to tournaments with me once every three or four weeks.

Ken Comboy
We got together in June of 2006. He’s very experienced and has been a huge help. He’s got a brilliant eye for the golf swing so he says some really educated things and is very positive and strong. A lot of caddies are ‘yes’ men but Ken is very decisive and has very strong opinions.

Dale Richardson
Since I had a bad car crash in 2005 (in the back of a Porsche which wrapped itself around a tree) I’ve needed a lot of soft tissue work and manipulation on my back and neck. Golf doesn’t seem to be a hugely physical sport but it actually is. There’s a lot of strain on your spine, wrists and forearms.

Karl Morris.
Karl has been one of the constants in my career. I’ve always been interested in this side of the game and read Bob Rotella’s book when I was 16. I’ve been working with Karl since the end of 2003 and I really trust him. We do a lot of work on my pre-shot routines (breathing and imagery) so that when I get under pressure, I can settle back into that bubble.

Short game coach
Pete Cowan.
Growing up here, your short game can become quite one dimensional. For about a year and a half. He’s amazing. There’s no one out there who as good as anyone out there I’ve seen as far as knowledge on around the green.

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