Justin Rose On Wedge Play


We recently caught up with the newly crowned US Open champion Justin Rose, who gave us his tips to help improve your wedge play.

With wedge play, it’s all about face control. What TrackMan has taught me is that with your wedge swing path, because of spin loft, you can have a much bigger range of how you can swing the club through impact.

As long as the face is square, the ball is going to go relatively straight. So firstly at address, I line up my club face as if it was my putter, very meticulously from the fairway. That’s something I think has helped me improve, better precision and focus.

The other thing people get wrong is having the ball position too far back in their stance, meaning they get a little bit ahead of the shot with their body. They then have to use their hands to square up the club at impact. When you use your hands to square up through impact, you’re changing loft dramatically through impact, too. That leads to inconsistent distance control.

Those are some of the things I worked on in my off-season with Sean Foley and at home. Basically my ball position has gone a ball further forward. I’m really focusing on my club face alignment and then feeling it square through the swing. You should try it, too.