10 things you can buy from The Open shop


Sometimes even the best golfers in the world can't resist buying some Open memorabilia.

Others do it out of neccessity. Just ask Tommy Fleetwood. He forget to pack an umbrella, and had to pop by the merchandise tent before his round and pick up an Open brolley (£40) - along with 749 other people on Friday (according to the shop assistants). They've also sold 8,000 caps. 

And as it turns out, Fleetwood didn't have to reach in to his pockets and pay for it/

"We got one given for free, actually," he said "We didn't steal it. We got one given for free, but we don't always carry an umbrella. See, we don't have a sponsor. We don't have a manufacturer sponsor. So it just so happens this week that we've got a nice Open Championship brelly. It looked quite nice, the yellow and the course."

It proved Fleetwood's lucky charm on day two of The Open as he defied the wind and rain to storm into contention with a six-under-par, 65.

We wanted to see whether anything else might have caught Tommy’s eye in the shop, so we joined the queue and sheltered from the rain to see what bargains and novelty items you can pick up.

Here are 10 of the best…

Oven Gloves (£16) / Apron (£16)
Nothing says I love you like showering your other half with gifts for the kitchen. A little cheeky? Maybe, but at least they can’t accuse you of not caring about them (or the house).  

Magnetic Ball Marker (£10 + £2.50)
The perfect present for a birthday or Christmas. For an extra £2.50, you can get this Open-branded ball marker inscribed with a special message. Just remember to keep it clean. Some poor bloke has still got to engrave it!


Inflatable Golf Balls (£15)
Yes, they’re big and a little pointless. But the kids will love them and they make a good novelty item to clog up some space in the loft.

Chocolate Bar (£3)
Why bother with Galaxy and Cadbury bars when you can get your own Open-branded version? It probably doesn’t taste as good, but as least your friends will know where you’ve been so it’s good for the image, if not your teeth.

Travel Sweets £5
Stay minty fresh at home or on the go. Ideal if you’re late for a dinner date or need to hide that smell of curry after a round of golf.


Tumbler Glass Set x2 (£30)
What better way than to toast your medal win at the weekend in style and give your mantelpiece a new look at the same time. The only downside is that you have to pay extra for any alcoholic beverage.


Laptop Rucksack (£65)
One to make the work colleagues envious. It’s not the biggest, but looks trumps practicality, right?

iPhone Case (£15)
Protect your prized possession while showing your love for golf’s greatest Major. Apart from the flimsy plastic, what’s not to like?


Teddy Bear (£20)
Keep your children (or wife) happy by adopting a furry friend. That should give you some brownie points when you try to justify that golf break next month.

teddy bear

Open Hat (£23)
The ultimate piece of memorabilia. If you’ve paid £80 or £90 for a day ticket you want every man and his dog to know you’ve been to The Open at Carnoustie. They also fetch a fair whack on eBay if you get one signed.