Tiger Woods blames Ryder Cup performance on fatigue


Tiger Woods put his poor Ryder Cup performance down to ‘fatigue’ from a packed season that had culminated in his 80th PGA Tour victory

Woods arrived in Paris for his eighth Ryder Cup after ending his season with a win at the Tour Championship, but his performance didn’t live up to expectations. Rumours circulated about more back problems as he walked slowly, refused to take off his waterproof trousers and went 0-4 in his matches, while others speculated that playing six of seven weeks had taken its toll. 

Speaking at Pebble Beach on Tuesday for the annual Tiger Woods Invitational, Woods confirmed it was the latter. 

“It was just a cumulative effect of the entire season,” Woods said. “I was tired because I hadn’t trained for it. I hadn’t trained this entire comeback to play this much golf and on top of that deal with the heat and the fatigue and the loss of weight.”

But while his Ryder Cup record might be poor, the 2019 President’s Cup Captain has his sights set on more than just a role on the sidelines in Australia next year. 

“They just listed the points last night and I was 9th. So, I’d be asking the captain for a pick,” Woods joked, before adopting a more serious tone. “I really hope to be a playing captain, I really do.”

As for his schedule, it’s pretty certain he won’t be teeing up that many weeks in a row if he’s planning to play, but it’s something he still hasn’t worked out. 

“I’m still figuring that out,” Woods said of his schedule. “Flying out here yesterday trying to look at the schedule, it’s the first time I’ve taken a look at it. I’ve been so focused on getting through the playoffs and the Ryder Cup that I just took a look at the schedule and saw how packed it is.”

But while he might not have had time to plan his schedule just yet, he has had a little time to reflect on his first victory in five years. 

“It’s still sinking in, because 80 is a big number,” Woods said. “I’ve won 80 times out there. That’s pretty cool. It hasn’t been easy. What validates it for me is the fact that I got a chance to go against Rory (McIlroy) head to head in the final group, and also (Justin Rose), who was tied with Rory, a group ahead. He’d just become the No. 1 player in the world. In order to get my first win in five years I had to beat those two guys. That makes it feel even more special.”

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