Georgia Hall reveals her replica Women’s British Open trophy was stolen


Defending champion Georgia Hall revealed that the replica of her Women’s British Open trophy was stolen from her car two months ago

Georgia Hall is ready to defend the Women’s British Open title she claimed in a thrilling victory last year, but revealed on Tuesday that she didn’t bring the trophy with her to Woburn.

Or rather couldn’t, as she explained that she was recently left ‘very upset’ after discovering thieves had broken in to her car in the middle of the day and stolen her replica Women’s British Open Trophy. 

The 23-year-old, who admitted earlier in the week that she kept the trophy “under the bed for three months because I was travelling so much and I didn’t want it on show”, told media that incident happened two months ago when she was visiting IMG’s offices in London.

“They smashed in my back window, like 12 o’clock middle of the day and just took it,” Hall said.

“I don’t know if they knew it was me or not because it was in the box and everything. I had golf clubs as well, and they didn’t take them. It was a bit strange.

“Obviously I was very upset at the time. I was on my own and nothing had happened to me like that before, so I was a little bit scared.

“I obviously feel a little bit silly having it in the car. Maybe I should have took it out but, you know, some things happen like this in life and you just get on with it.”

Unfortunately it hasn’t been able to be located, and Hall thought it likely the thieves had melted it down.

Thankfully though, the original trophy resides in the R&A’s clubhouse in St Andrews, and there are people working on getting Hall a replacement trophy.

An IMG spokesperson said: “It was a replica trophy. It was Georgia’s replica. So it will get replaced.”

But while she may not physically have a trophy anymore, she still very much sees it – and this tournament – as hers. 

‘I’m going into it with the focus that this is my trophy and I’m not going to let anyone take it away from me,” said Hall.

“I love the Open. You have a different feeling each time you play in one and obviously this is going to be a special occasion for me.

“If I’m in contention, I’ll have that confidence of knowing that in the biggest major for me I can hit the right shot at the right time.”

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