Cleveland 588 TT irons


The final iron in the family is the 588 TT or 588 Tour Trajectory. As the name implies, the 588 TT is aimed at the more experienced player that is looking to take the accuracy to new levels. Hallmarks of the 588 TT iron are the tour-calibre flight that it promotes along with supreme feel.

Once again any golfer can mix and match as much as they like among the three head types, shafts and grips in the 588 family at no extra cost, meaning if you really enjoy the TT in the short irons but need a slightly more forgiving head in your mid to long irons you could end up comprising a set for yourself of 588 TT, 588 MT and 588 Altitude.

588 TT irons feature a more modest cavity back design with an engineered undercut. This helps to improve ball speed and accuracy on off-centre hits, while the forged face featured on the 588 MT and 588 Altitude returns in the 588 TT to enhance feel and ball speed further. The same insert as in the 588 MT iron is also added to the 588 TT to promote a more consistent feel from any lie you find yourself in on the course. 

You are sure to see instant results when you using the 588 TT irons, particularly in the ball flight due to the constant blade height and a progressive blade length through the set. These design features add forgiveness in the longer irons but produce a controlled, penetrating trajectory in short irons to give you the confidence to attack more pins, giving yourself more birdie opportunities.