• Mark a ball with lines to see the spin

    Written by Dan Frost on Sunday, 11 October 2009

    Every golfer wants to get more spin with their wedges. Whether it’s from a tight lie in the fairway, fluffy rough or soft sand, spin is the one thing we love to brag about to our playing partners. But it’s one thing wanting spin and another creating it. So as a visual golf drill, try drawing some radial lines on your...

  • Put a champagne glass on the club drill

    Written by Dan Frost on Saturday, 10 October 2009

    Are you fed up of hitting your bunker shots fat and leaving your ball in the bunker every time you find the greenside trap? Then this is the tip for you. Tape a champagne glass to the face of your sand wedge. This will help you visualise what the face of the club is doing during your golf swing. If you...

  • Cane across shoulders drill

    Written by Dan Frost on Saturday, 10 October 2009

    The 30-yard bunker shot is one of the hardest shots in golf. The key to achieving the distance, which is the hardest aspect of the shot, is in the angle of attack. This angle is dictated by the shoulders, so use this cane drill to get the visual feedback you need to set the shoulders up correctly. When you have a...