• Low Spin, High Power Tee Shots

    Written by Hugh Marr on Thursday, 26 March 2009

    In every round you’ll face a series of tee shots where you must find the fairway, but still need distance. The answer is to develop a driver technique that takes spin off the ball, giving you accuracy with a fast, flat trajectory. Find it through an easy, body-dominated swing that focuses on a solid strike. Club: Driver Rhythm: Quiet Key concept:...

  • Nick Price: My 10 Rules For Being A Great Driver

    Written by Nick Price on Monday, 9 March 2009

    The former Open champion on how to be long and straight off the tee - every time. 1 Distance first, accuracy later Nick Faldo, Fred Couples, Greg Norman and others of my generation had a different outlook on hitting the driver than players do today. The threshold between power and control back then was so delicate. I couldn't swing at more than...