Get a better coil by swinging on your knees


It’s common knowledge that every golfer wants to hit the ball further with the driver. But there are right and wrong ways to go about generating power in the swing and TG’s Dan Frost is here to show you how to do it correctly.

A common fault among a lot of golfers is to try and get the whole body behind the ball by over-rotating the lower half of their body and swaying the hips. When this occurs, you can’t come down into the ball with any power.

But by practicing the golf swing on your knees, you can achieve the feeling of the resistance in the legs against the ground which is key to generating power and therefore gaining those extra few yards off the tee.

This power drill is effective because it keeps the legs apart in the backswing and can be done on the range or at home. So give it a try and you’ll be further down the fairways than you ever have been.