Justin Rose tips: Make the first three feet perfect


I used to have a trigger move that saw me sink back on my heels slightly, but I’ve tried to get away from that because it encouraged my arms to move away from my body to counterbalance myself. That meant I was no longer synchronised in the swing. My initial thought now is to let the club swing back independently over the first three feet or so. What helped me win the US Open was that, as the tension mounted, I knew I had to make a free swing. If you get tight and steer it, nothing works properly. So I really focused on the first three feet being smooth and I left the rest to be a chain reaction after that.

Forget about the one-piece takeaway

There’s no such thing as a one-piece takeaway. I think that cliche is a very misleading one, because if you move everything together then you’re immediately out of sync. The club has some 27 feet to travel, so it makes sense that it needs to start first on its journey.

Get that clubhead moving first as you start your swing. Think smooth and unhurried because that is the best way to trigger a full flowing action.

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